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Industrial Property

Looking to protect your trademark, product or invention?

Intellectual Property is a critical aspect in any successful business or invention, to ensure a long-term success, it is essential to protect figures such as trademarks, patents, products, industrial designs, utility models, commercial notices, trade names, appellations of origin, domain names and other creations in the industrial and commercial field.

In fact, intellectual property are the legal rights that protect industrial, commercial, and technological creations allowing the holder to exclusively use, exploit and monetize invention, trademark, design, and others for a limited period.

JIMÉNEZ TOCA have experience and prestige on the registrability and protection of intellectual property rights.

  • Patents are a right granted to an inventor on a product or process that did not exist previously allowing exclusivity of use to prevent others from manufacturing or selling invention without the authorization for a specified time.
  • Trademarks are signs such as names, logos and symbols used to identify and distingue products or services from the competition and to protect the prestige of a company.
  • Industrial designs are the shapes or aesthetics of an object or product, those are important because the appearance can be a determining factor for a product to be chosen by users.

There are many benefits to protect your company in the industrial property field:

  • Exclusivity to use the trademark for the products or services that are registered.
  • Distinction from the competition to stand out in the market with a unique identity.
  • Value of the trademark since the registration has an economic value and can be licensed or sold.
  • Easy way of taking legal action such as suing anyone who uses it without authorization.
  • Customer recognition to build a good reputation and trust.

In addition, the services we offer to our clients consist in:

Industrial Property

a) Advice and consultancy providing the most appropriate protection strategies.

b) Administrative litigation related to industrial property rights: nullity, cancellation, and administrative infraction.

c) Attention in nullity and habeas corpus proceedings related to industrial property rights.

d) Review of rights already granted, to validate that are in force and incompliance with the law.

e) Research and determine to obtain registrations of patents, industrial designs, utility models, trademarks, commercial advertisements, and trade name publications.

f) Attention to legal requirements by the authorities during any protection or procedure.

g) Monitoring to notify registration and publication renewal deadlines.

h) Protection of domain names.

i) Preparation and negotiation license and franchise agreements.

j) Management for the protection of authorizations for the use of appellations of origin.

If you invest time and resources in research and development, to protect your innovations, it is your right to promote the technological and economic progress of your company.

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