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Trade Secrets

Do you want to make sure that those innovative ideas that make you stand out are protected in your company?

Your trade and technology secrets should not be disclosed without your consent, you need trade secret protection legal services to achieve your business goals.

The trade secrets are valuable and confidential information that a company uses in its business and that is not available to the public.

Those may include formulas, processes, designs or any other information that gives the company a competitive advantage.

In JIMÉNEZ TOCA, we evaluate confidentiality, negotiation of agreements and defense against unauthorized disclosure of industrial and business secrets that allow you to safeguard confidential information under the terms provided by law.

This protection:

Trade Secrets

a) Ensure that third parties not involved in this confidential information do not take advantage of your trade secrets.
b) It allows the pre-constitution of evidence to claim judicially and through criminal
c) proceedings, any disclosure, use or seizure of industrial secrets.

Likewise, our firm advises you on the protection of information contained in electronic devices that generate digital information.

We ensure that your trade secrets are secure, up-to-date and password protected.

Don't let your valuable industrial, commercial, and technological secrets be vulnerable.

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