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Corporate Law

If you are a business owner, you know that it is challenging to understand the number of laws and requirements regarding corporate law and following them can be overwhelming as failure to comply can have serious consequences.

Corporate law deals with the laws that affect companies and their relationships with shareholders, employees, customers, competitors, and other market players.

To comply with these regulations, it is necessary to have specialized lawyers, among other professionals. In JIMÉNEZ TOCA we provide our clients with advice and consultancy in corporate law.

This right has many positive aspects, such as protecting shareholders rights, ensuring data privacy, and promoting fair competition in the market.

However, there are some that can be problematic for companies, for example, there are complex and ever-changing tasks that require constant attention such as updating laws, court interpretations, planning and making important decisions, as well as related litigation.

The services we offer to our clients consist of:

Corporate Law

a) Audit companies in their corporate aspects.
b) Advise on the incorporation of commercial and civil companies.
c) Regularize and update corporate documentation.
d) We issue minutes of meetings and powers of attorney.

e) Advise our clients on mergers, spin-offs, and transformations.
f) Prepare meeting minutes, corporate books and share certificates.
g) Coordinate corporate services with notary publics to obtain certifications.

Protecting your business from legal problems can require a significant amount of time and resources. We as expert lawyers understand your needs and provide tailor-made solutions sothat you can be sure to comply with all legal regulations and protect your company's interests,so that it does not become a source of problems.

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