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OUR SERVICESLitigation and Habeas Corpus

Litigation and Habeas Corpus

Do you need a specialized lawyer to represent you to appear before a court or judge to reach a solution?

Litigation and habeas corpus proceedings can be exhausting and costly. In our firm we know that, and we support you in the representation of matters and trials if you go through a legal contingency either with individuals or with authorities.

We have experience in the extrajudicial field and before the jurisdictional authorities, whether state or federal so that you do not lose any more time or money during the already difficult process.

We also provide our clients with legal assistance in the filing of indirect amparo actions before the Federal District Courts before the Unitary and Collegiate Circuit Courts of the Federal Judicial.

Our litigation services are focused on the attention of judicial controversies in the following matters:

Litigation and Habeas Corpus

a) Administrative

b) Civil

c) Familiar

d) Criminal

e) Real Estate

f) Corporate

g) Contractual

h) Commercial

We offer you guidance and advice to represent you before authorities with solid and wellfounded arguments to achieve a favorable and fair result.

You are not alone, we are here for you.

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