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Are you a creator of music, literature, art, or software? Would you like to protect your work and make sure that your copyrights are protected?

In today’s information and content is shared quickly and easily, it is crucial to protect your copyrights and ensure that you receive the recognition and compensation that you deserve for your original creation.

These rights are granted to you as the author or creator of the work and allow you to control how your work is used and distributed, including defending against infraction of your rights and negotiating licenses.

In JIMÉNEZ TOCA are convinced that the protection of your works, is the reason why we advise you on the protection and registration of creations before the appropriate authorities, as well on the exploitation of copyrights and dispute resolution.

Copyright includes the right to:

  • Reproduce your work in any format.
  • Distribute copies of your work of public.
  • Show out your work of public.
  • Make diverse work.
  • Show your work in public by broadcast media.

If you are an author, having your work protected gives you the possibility to authorize or prohibitany of these actions, as well as to negotiate the licensing conditions and fees for its use.

In many countries, copyright is protected by international laws and treaties, which means that work is protected by copyright in one country is also protected by copyright in other countries.

Copyright is recognized in intellectual works of the following branches:


a) Literary.

b) Musical, with or without lyrics.

c) Dramatic.

d) Dance.

e) Pictorial or drawing.

f) Sculptural and plastic character.

g) Caricature and cartoon.

h) Architectural.

i) Cinematographic and other audiovisual works.

j) Radio and television programs.

k) Computer programs.

l) Photographic.

m) Works of applied art including graphic or textile design.

n) Compilation, made up of collections of works.

In fact, our firm provides rights reservation protection strategies to obtain the most exclusive right to use:

a) Titles of newspaper publications printed or electronic.

b) Names of radio or television programs.

c) Artistic names of persons or groups.

d) Fictional or human characters.

e) Original advertising promotions.

Do not risk your work, we help you to protect your creativity.

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