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At JIMÉNEZ TOCA we are convinced that the protection of intellectual works is of utmost importance, that is why we advise our clients on the protection and registration of their works before the corresponding authorities.

In the following:


a) Literary;

b) Musical, with or without lyrics;

c) Dramatic;

d) Dance;

e) Pictorial or drawing;

f) Sculptural and plastic in character;

g) Caricature and comic strip;

h) Architectural;

i) Cinematographic and other audiovisual works;

j) Radio and television programs;

k) Computer programs;

l) Photographic;

m) Works of applied art that include graphic or textile design, and

n) Compilation made up of collections of works.

Likewise, our firm offers protection strategies for rights reserves, in order to obtain the exclusive right to use:

a) Titles of periodical publications, whether printed or electronic.

b) Names of radio or television programs.

c) Stage names of individuals or groups.

d) Fictional or human characters of characterization.

e) Original advertising promotions.

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