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Are you looking to protect your interests and ensure that your agreements are written clearly and concisely?

Do you find difficult to understand the legal language or to find someone you can trust to interpret your concerns?

To avoid legal contingencies, we provide advice on all contractual aspects of your commercial, industrial, and business activities.

We develop and negotiate contracts in diverse areas establishing legal strategies because we are experts in the field.

Our specialized services in obligations and contracts include advice in the preparation and negotiation of contracts in various branches of law such as: civil, commercial, and labor.

These include specific clauses and protections to ensure that your interests are covered. In addition, we solve your doubts so that everything is understood, which means that you will not have to worry because we will explain everything clearly and without complications for you.

We help you in the realization of contracts of:


a) Buying and selling

b) Distribution

c) Licenses, franchises, and assignment of rights

d) Maquiladora and supplying

e) Lease and commodatum

f) Mutual

g) Donations

h) Trade commission

i) Consignment

j) Provision of services

k) Sponsor ship

l) Debt acknowledgments

m) Individual and collective work

n) Confidentiality

o) Image usage

Signing a contract without the assistance of a lawyer can be risky, therefore, we also offer particularly and without limitation, to assist in the advice, negotiation and signing of the contract.

In case of any conflict with the contract, we can resolve it effectively so that you can be sure that you are protected.

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