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Immigration Law

At JIMÉNEZ TOCA we have solid experience in the field, allowing us to provide to companies as well individuals, solutions to regulate the international transit of foreigners, their entry condition, stay and departure from the country for the benefit of their legal security.

Among other, the services we offer to our clients consist of:

Immigration Law

a) Consulting in immigrations matters.

b) Obtainment and update of employer’s registration certificate.

c) Obtainment of work permit visa, temporary resident, student, or permanent resident.

d) Issuance of migratory document for exchange.

e) Expedition of migratory document for renewal.

f) Change of immigration status.

g) Notifications for change of marital status, name, nationality, address, or place of employment.

h) Reposition of immigration document for theft or loss.

i) Leaving and entry permit.

j) Immigration regularization.

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